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Our Amazing Volunteers


The all-volunteer Foundation and Festival Boards, meet monthly to manage programs including scholarships, educational and community art grants, public art gifts, and the Festival event. Both boards recruit for additional volunteers and fundraising sources to enhance existing programs and to create new beneficiary programs that are compatible with the mission. The Foundation has no overhead; 100% of funds pass directly back to the community.

If you are interested in serving the Edmonds arts community through the Foundation or the Festival, please send an email to: foundation@edmondsartsfestival.com


Arts Festival Foundation Board
President, Terry Vehrs
Vice President, Susan Loreen
Secretary, Julaine Fleetwood
Treasurer, Tim Jones
Festival Liaison, Diane Cutts
Board Member, Rick Bader
Board Member, Sharon Grader
Board Member, Peggy Jones
Board Member, Mary Monfort
Board Member, Barbara Norgaard-Reid
Board Member, Eric Peterson
Board Member, Samantha Saether
Board Member, Ann Wood

Arts Festival Executive Board
President, Diane Cutts
Secretary, Carolyn Brown
Treasurer, Ann Wood
Vice President, Barbara Norgaard-Reid
Vice President, Janet Jensen
Advisory Member, Ken Reid
Advisory Member, Patti Sullivan
Past President, Tim Jones

Arts Festival Directors
Artist Booths, Janet Jensen
Artist Booths, Jennifer Higgins
Festival Store, Peg Weborg
Food Booths, Tim Jones
Hospitality, open
Gallery Art, Ana Allison
Gallery Art, Barbara Norgaard-Reid
Kids Create, Rebecca Eborall
Kids Create, Steve Eborall
Marketing Communications, Patti Sullivan
Operations, Tom Darrah
Performing Arts, Mark Piper
Performing Arts, Ken Wilson
Student Art Exhibit, Barbara Childs
Student Art Exhibit, Lynn McManus
Volunteers, open