Juried Art Galleries


View and purchase award-winning art.

View award-winning art inside the Anderson Center where three galleries showcase juried fine art from more than 200 area artists. Shown are paintings, prints, drawings, photography, sculpture, and three dimensional artworks. Juried by professional artists, only the highest quality art is selected to be displayed, whether it is produced by an established artist, student, or emerging artist. Awards are given to the highest ranked art pieces in each media category and the prize winning pieces are acknowledged in each gallery. All art inside the galleries is offered for sale.


Paintings, Prints, and Drawings Gallery
Hosting a collection of very diverse juror-selected work in this large gallery, pieces of all sizes are displayed, from full scale to miniature. Paintings may be executed in acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastel or encaustic. Prints are produced by methods such as woodblock, linocut, or etching. Drawings in pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, or conte are shown. Mixed media work is also often seen in this gallery.
Three Dimensional Artwork Gallery
This gallery displays artwork created in the following media: clay/ceramic, glass, wood, metal, stone, and fiber/textile. Functional pieces, such as jewelry and wooden bowls are shown, along with non-functional pieces like bronze sculpture and carved stone. Mixed media pieces are also found in this gallery.
Photography Gallery
Revealing a full gamut of photographic techniques, included in this gallery will be images that have been creatively manipulated, in addition to more traditional photography. Both color and black and white photography are shown. Photographs displayed may be printed on paper and under glass, printed on canvas, or printed on metal.
1st Place – $800
Presented by Dewar Meeks & Ekrem
Emergent Properties 2/Deborah Baker2nd Place – $500
Presented by Susanne Pepema
Longing for Home/Dimitriy Gritsenko3rd Place – $300
Presented by Patricia Clemons
Italian Summer/Kate SteigerHonorable Mention – $150
Presented by Don & Sue Robertson
Emergence/Renee St. PeterPrints
1st Place – $500
Presented by Susie and Dave Cover
School II/Marjorie Thompson2nd Place – $300
Presented by Michele Unger
Les Fleurs/Steve Kennedy3rd Place – $200
Presented by Joann Nelson Superbooks Company
Anasazi Fragment/Ilse Kluge

Honorable Mention – $150
Presented by Patti Sullivan
Melody/Bonnie AuBuchon

1st Place – $500
Presented by Edmonds Arts Festival
Rest a While/Junkyu Lee

2nd Place – $300
Presented by Cheryl MacDonald & Jon Nelson
Precious Moment/Tim Jensen

3rd Place – $200
Presented by J. Rankin Jewellers
The Bard of Bothell/Ned Mueller

Honorable Mention – $100
Presented in Honor of O.A. “Bud” Eklund by Suzanne-Grayum
Dan/Iryna Milton

Miniatures & Small Paintings
1st Place – $300
Presented by Thomas Morgan
Freedom/Robin Weiss

2nd Place – $200
Presented by Thomas Morgan
Waiting out the Storm/Jurate Harrison

3rd Place – $100
Presented by Patricia Clemons
Stargazing II/Cheryl Waale

Honorable Mention – $50
Presented by Susan Penning
Driftwood, Ozette/Garry Wegner

Three Dimensional Art
1st Place – $800
Presented by Marni Muir & Phil Butler
Red Sculpture/Pamela MummySecond Place – $500
Presented by Thomas Morgan
Balls in the Air/Steve ParmeleeThird Place – $300
Presented by Interiors of Edmonds
Peony Surprise I/Carolyn BussHonorable Mention #1 – $150
Presented by Jim & Diane Cutts
Embrace/David VarnauHonorable Mention #2 – $150
Presented by Barbara Norgaard-Reid
Shroom With a View/Ronald WehdeHonorable Mention #3 – $150
Presented by Edmonds Arts Festival
Woven Table/Larry Halvorsen
1st Place – $800
Presented by RSVP International. Inc.
Valensole Sunset/Jim Nilsen2nd Place – $500
Presented by Edmonds Arts Festival
Shades of Rose/Angelo Muzzin3rd Place – $300
Presented by John Eckert
Devotion/Shelle SingerHonorable Mention – $150
Presented by Ken Reid
Take (Bamboo)/David McCraeOverall Awards
Anne E. Sambataro Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship
Abyss/Catherine BrownBest of Edmonds – $500
Presented by David and Susan Earling
Joy/Bob SearsFoundation Purchase Award
Presented by Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation
Rest a While/Junkyu Lee