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Performing Artists

Watch it, hear it, enjoy the performance

For years, the Festival has entertained visitors with a wide variety of music, dance, and theater performances. The main venue for these performances is an amphitheater which features traditional seating and a large grassy area perfect for sharing a blanket while listening. This large open-air theater hosts the top professional, community, and school performers in our region. From rock and roll, to country western, jazz, and classical music, the variety and high-quality performances receive enthusiastic reviews. A unique aspect of the Festival is the spotlight that is focused on the outstanding ensembles and performers from our local schools; they not only perform on the amphitheater stage, but also at a more intimate stage in the Anderson Cultural Center as well as the Student Art area. Another venue is Jazz on the PlazaJazz on the Plaza features the top local student jazz musicians swingin’ all weekend on the Plaza above the Edmonds Library.

Check back in early June for a list or Performing Artists and their schedule.